Charlotte Gallagher, Director of P3 People Management, Ringway

As an in-house HR manager in the past, I have been exposed to various types of software on which to store relevant data as well as produce reports on key performance indicators relating to the employees of a business. However, with use, many such systems only served to confuse those used them and consume more and more time in dealing with its failure to deliver the information required.
It was therefore with some skepticism that I reviewed the Human Resource Manager system as provided by CTM and with some relief that I found a system that was simple to use, provided relevant and useable data, and was flexible to suit the business.
Now as an independent HR manager, having the software available to me means I enhance the services I deliver as well share the benefits of the software with my clients which in turn benefits my clients’ businesses.
I wish you well in the continued growth of the business and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

David Wood, Chief Technical Officer of Forshaws Davies Ridgway LLP, Warrington

I would be more than happy to offer my thoughts on the HRM software provided by CTM. Having worked within IT for many years I understand first-hand what a task it is to find the right software solution.
When CTM approached us with the software, we already had a number of HR solutions, all created by our in house development team, unfortunately these were spread across different areas, such as the intranet, personal folders, databases etc. We were in the process of designing a new system from scratch when we looked at the trial version of the software. The software seemed to cover every aspect of what we were trying to achieve, and more, and at the price being quoted we stopped development immediately.
We have had the system now for around 8 months with approximately 135 users on the system. The initial install was completely painless and took no time at all, importing an already existing data took a bit longer, but there are some useful import tools, and a really impressive word template that new users can fill in before they start (this imports into the system in seconds, and has saved us approximately 30 minutes on the set up time for new users). Even though we had data everywhere, we still had all data imported in less than two weeks.
The software is very easy to configure as well, it took minutes to configure the way the software looked and behaved, and no time at all to configure all the security levels and users so that individual users throughout the company can achieve their independent goals throughout the company e.g. within our organization we have a number of admin staff who have specific duties i.e. one fills in holidays, one training, accounts need financial and absence details etc., the software has allowed us to keep the data in one area but allow different people to only see their corner of the globe so to speak.
The system itself is child play, I don't think I have had to read the manual yet, 20 minutes playing with the system and I knew it inside out.
Subsequent training sessions for the members of staff who have tasks within the system has taken around 30 minutes a person, and as yet I have never had to go back to anyone for further training (this is a first for me).
The reporting and documents in the system are very thorough, and extremely useful, and the fact that this is built on the back of office software means that new documents are easy to add, and extra reports can be constructed using software such as crystal (although as yet we have not thought of a report that isn't on the system).
Support has also been very good, I won't lie there were a few glitches in the first month, well not glitches but we wanted a few changes to be made, I got in touch with one of the support team and I have to say it has been like have a new member of the development team. CTM has taken on-board all our comments and quickly made changes to the software where possible, whenever we have had a problem, very good service indeed.

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