Are the demands of HR becoming unrealistic?

I love reading all the different articles about HR and best practices. Recently I have noticed a rise in the number of articles about how the role of HR has changed and the expectations that some professionals have into how much input HR has into a company.

Ranging from the colour and layout of offices to ensure a good working environment and moods of employees. To going round the business learning a bit about departments functions and individuals roles so you have a better understanding of the demands each team and individual are faced with.

Biggest Challenges for HR in the next 12 months

The typical organisation has undertaken five major enterprise changes in the last three years, with 73 per cent of organisations expecting to see even more change initiatives in the next three years.

HR professionals at the ReimagineHR conference felt that the biggest initiatives over the coming year were:

*Managing change - culture change as the biggest change expected in the next 12 months, including major shifts in the assumptions, values and beliefs within the organisation.

*Big data and analytics as a major challenge.

3 Key HR Trends in the Next 5 Years

Over the next 5 years there are some key trends that are being driven by an old and yet new reality. Fast-paced industries and rapidly developing markets combined with the shortage of relevant talent push the level of competition to new heights. Furthermore, generational traits, evolving social norms and types of interactions are also huge factors that impact some of the trends we’re seeing in the HR field and management in general.

Empresa HR Document Management

Empresa's Document Management allows you access to important information all in one place!
Store all of your company documents such as application forms, employee handbooks, health forms, performance reviews, photographs and much more.
• Easy-to-use document management
Add a description to each file to help identify the document. Open the document from within Empresa - no need to leave the application.
• Downloadable
Download a copy of the imported document from within Empresa HRM software.
• Organising

We have had our Appraisal and can happily say 'We got 5 stars!'

The Empresa Software package includes an Employee Appraisals section...
A great feature of HR software packages like Empresa is the capacity to track employee progress objectively and punctually making Appraisals a breeze.
• Flexible HRM software configuration
Configure appraisals to be preformed monthly, bi- annually, annually or for any other set period.
• Notifications


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