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Accord Healthcare Testimonial

We conducted a recent interview with The Head of HR Europe at Accord Healthcare, David De Mello:

You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to utilise the 'Training & Qualifications' feature...

Manage your employee’s qualifications and training development - a feature few HR software packages can offer.

It will feel like a holiday using our softwares' Holidays & Absences interface...

Empresa HRM software uses the Bradford Factor and central calendar to reduce costly staff absenteeism and identify disruptive absence patterns.
• Identify disruption
Proactively identify those employees who disrupt your business through absences using HRM software.
• Bradford Factor

Help yourself with 'Employee Self-Service'

Other HR software packages place a heavy burden on HR staff. Empresa's easy-to-use employee self service tools mean everyone in your organisation can effectively administer their own HR.
• Enhanced security
Allows access privileges to be configured on a section by section basis so that you can determine the access level for each individual employee.
• Speed up routine HR tasks
Free up valuable time spent responding to common and simple HR queries.
• Empower employees
HRM Software offers employees greater input and control over their own work-life.

Employee Details at your fingertips!

Quickly find and manage employee’s personal information. Allow your employees to update their own personal information (fully customisable by configuring user roles and permissions).

•Personal details
Names, address, D.O.B., age, photo, telephone, mobile, Email address and emergency contacts.

National Insurance number, marital status, Dependants, nationality, ethnic origins, religion, passport details, immigration status and DBS information.


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