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It will soon be Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching the demand for holiday requests over this festive period will be very high.

Do you need a HR system that effortlessly manages leave requests? Empresa HR empowers your employee's with Employee Self Service (ESS) allowing you to distribute the holiday requests and approval process between line managers and employees.

Empresa HR for Business Owners

For small business owners wanting to escape the admin.
• Centralised employee database for easy access and management
• Customisable Dashboard Reporting
• Define company policy for total HR compliance
• Future proof, the system can grow with your business
• Track and analyse performance and pay across your business

Are the demands of HR becoming unrealistic?

I love reading all the different articles about HR and best practices. Recently I have noticed a rise in the number of articles about how the role of HR has changed and the expectations that some professionals have into how much input HR has into a company.

Ranging from the colour and layout of offices to ensure a good working environment and moods of employees. To going round the business learning a bit about departments functions and individuals roles so you have a better understanding of the demands each team and individual are faced with.

Calling all HR Pro's : Empresa for HR Professionals

Empresa HR software online has evolved beyond a single company database to handle an unlimited number of company profiles.
• Store retrieve and safeguard employee information for "multiple company"
• Manage and automate tasks that traditionally consume so much of HR's time
• Each of your clients have their own access to the system
• Rapid ROI with our monthly subscription model

No more headaches

Empresa HR is designed to reduce the headache and stress of HR administration so you can focus on what matters.
From administering holidays and absences to maintaining employee personal data, it will speed up processes, cut down on HR administration and reduce costs with Empresa HR software online.
Leave the technology to us and reap the rewards. Empresa HR is the perfect HR solution for today's managers and human resource professionals.


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