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Empresa HR welcomes Cook Lawyers

“Cook Lawyers are based in Wilmslow and offer employment law and HR services to businesses, schools and individuals. Their business model is to carry out all work on an agreed fixed fee basis as they do not believe in hourly rates as that means the longer it takes to do something, the more the client is charged. The annual retainer offers businesses and schools unlimited employment law and HR advice and on-site support at any employee meetings. The price is an annual fixed fee based on the number of employees.

Empresa Reseller Program

We are looking to expand our network of partners to extend the reach of our flagship HR application.

The Empresa HR partner programme gives partners the ability to deliver a Reliable, Powerful and Intelligent HR product to its customers.

HR Information Systems for HR Professionals and Agencies

Empresa HR easily scales beyond a single company service and HR professionals and Agencies can provide HR services and administer HR tasks for an unlimited number of companies.

Empresa HR allows you to login to multiple companies simultaneously, allowing fast and accurate responses to HR queries and requests from any of your clients.

Empresa HR Software Video Release

Have a look at our new video taking your through the features and benefits of the Empresa HR software.

Aktiv Law Ltd Joins Reseller Program

We are delighted to announce and welcome another partner to our Reseller program Aktiv Law Ltd.


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