HR Information Systems for HR Professionals and Agencies

Empresa HR easily scales beyond a single company service and HR professionals and Agencies can provide HR services and administer HR tasks for an unlimited number of companies.

Empresa HR allows you to login to multiple companies simultaneously, allowing fast and accurate responses to HR queries and requests from any of your clients.

Agencies also have the ability to grant any of their managed companies’ access to their own company HR database, thereby freeing time spent responding to common and simple HR queries from different clients.

  • Full HR administration for multiple companies
  • Access multiple companies at the same time
  • Each of your clients may have access to their own company database
  • Employees from each of your clients can have access to Employee Self-Service
  • Rapid return on investment (ROI) with our low–cost monthly or annual subscription
  • Access your client information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – wherever you are

Save yourself time, money, stress and worry keeping your client information up-to-date, secure and backed-up.

Empresa HR on-cloud gives you the confidence to manage your clients - day in, day out knowing that their data is always on hand, up-to-date and secure – wherever you are.

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