Empresa HR for Employees

One of the most powerful features of Empresa HR is the implementation of employee self-service.

With easy-to-use employee self-service tools, everyone in your organisation can effectively administer their own HR. This will improve administrative efficiency, speed up processes and free up valuable HR resources.

Common and simple HR queries can take up an excessive amount of HR time. Let your employees self-serve with configurable, secure, controlled access to their own HR information.

Employees can easily view and maintain their own personal information such as name, address, contact numbers, marital status, emergency contacts. As well as submitting leave requests, accessing personal and company documentation plus much more.

They can also view their historical information such as their holiday record, absences, training and qualification history.

Enhanced security is built into Empresa HR to ensure data privacy. Access privileges are fully configurable so you can determine the access level for each individual employee, manager and groups.

  • Free up valuable time spent responding to common and simple HR queries
  • Speed up routine HR tasks
  • Employees can request leave and view their absence history online
  • Employees can update their own personal information
  • Empower employees with more input and control over their own work-life
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your HR department without further costs
  • No training required for employees to administer their own HR tasks

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