Employee Self-Service

Other HR software packages place a heavy burden on HR staff. Empresa's easy-to-use employee self service tools mean everyone in your organisation can effectively administer their own HR by enabling management and tracking of employee sickness and holiday absences via an online, self-service web application.

When it comes to managing staff holiday, automated online systems like Empresa outperform traditional spreadsheet and paper-based systems. Superior self-service features reduce overheads, save time and improve productivity.

The days of untidy forms and complex spreadsheets are over - Employee self-service allows staff book time off and track requests online, anytime.

Forget printing, signing and filing paper forms, Empresa simplifies processes to administer absence - helping to ensure your organisation's procedures are followed.

  • Enhanced security
    Allows access privileges to be configured on a section by section basis so that you can determine the access level for each individual employee.
  • Speed up routine HR tasks
    Free up valuable time spent responding to common and simple HR queries.
  • Empower employees
    HRM Software offers employees greater input and control over their own work-life.
  • Improve efficiency
    No training is required for employees to administer their own HR tasks.

When employees have access to self service, they are able to answer many questions independently, thereby reducing the number of calls to HR departments. With employee self service handling much of the administrative processing, the HR department is free to focus on issues of strategic importance for the organisation.

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