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With only 90 days left until Christmas we thought it would be useful to offer you a completely and utterly Free Demo of our Market Leading Empresa HR Software.

Empresa HR software uses the Bradford Factor and central calendar to reduce costly staff absenteeism and identify disruptive absence patterns.

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Empresa HR Document Management

Empresa's Document Management allows you access to important information all in one place!
Store all of your company documents such as application forms, employee handbooks, health forms, performance reviews, photographs and much more.
• Easy-to-use document management
Add a description to each file to help identify the document. Open the document from within Empresa - no need to leave the application.
• Downloadable
Download a copy of the imported document from within Empresa HRM software.
• Organising

We have had our Appraisal and can happily say 'We got 5 stars!'

The Empresa Software package includes an Employee Appraisals section...
A great feature of HR software packages like Empresa is the capacity to track employee progress objectively and punctually making Appraisals a breeze.
• Flexible HRM software configuration
Configure appraisals to be preformed monthly, bi- annually, annually or for any other set period.
• Notifications

Empresa HR Releases Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Empresa HR has just released KPI's into it's software. A tool, which can enable any business to evaluate its success at reaching targets and track whether it has accomplished its goals and objectives.

There is no reason to complain about the 'Disciplinary & Grievance' software interface

Manage disciplinary actions and employee grievances from preset, configurable procedures to ensure that correct company practice is adhered to at all times.
• HR Intelligence
Avoid unfair dismissal cases. Monitor outstanding cases. The power of HRM Software.
• Notifications
Set notifications to ensure actions are performed within the required time frame.
• Documentation
Save any supporting documentation with the record and view it from within each action.
• Case management
Assign specific managers to each case.

It will feel like a holiday using our softwares' Holidays & Absences interface...

Empresa HRM software uses the Bradford Factor and central calendar to reduce costly staff absenteeism and identify disruptive absence patterns.
• Identify disruption
Proactively identify those employees who disrupt your business through absences using HRM software.
• Bradford Factor

Help yourself with 'Employee Self-Service'

Other HR software packages place a heavy burden on HR staff. Empresa's easy-to-use employee self service tools mean everyone in your organisation can effectively administer their own HR.
• Enhanced security
Allows access privileges to be configured on a section by section basis so that you can determine the access level for each individual employee.
• Speed up routine HR tasks
Free up valuable time spent responding to common and simple HR queries.
• Empower employees
HRM Software offers employees greater input and control over their own work-life.

Employee Details at your fingertips!

Quickly find and manage employee’s personal information. Allow your employees to update their own personal information (fully customisable by configuring user roles and permissions).

•Personal details
Names, address, D.O.B., age, photo, telephone, mobile, Email address and emergency contacts.

National Insurance number, marital status, Dependants, nationality, ethnic origins, religion, passport details, immigration status and DBS information.

All about our Software!

Empresa features a Company Dashboard
Login to Empresa HRM software and you immediately know what is happening in the company.
• Notifications
Employee notifications, leave requests, reminders, immigration expiry, qualifications expiry, birthdays and much more.
• Who is off
At a glance see who is on leave, absent. Filter for different time periods.
• Starters and leavers
Monitor the starters and leavers graphs. Analyse attrition trends.
• Sharing information
Export and print this global information in one-click reports.


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