Are the demands of HR becoming unrealistic?

I love reading all the different articles about HR and best practices. Recently I have noticed a rise in the number of articles about how the role of HR has changed and the expectations that some professionals have into how much input HR has into a company.

Ranging from the colour and layout of offices to ensure a good working environment and moods of employees. To going round the business learning a bit about departments functions and individuals roles so you have a better understanding of the demands each team and individual are faced with.

When I first started working my impression of the HR department was quite limited I (wrongly) assumed they were responsible for your holidays, pay, recruitment and any disputes.

Obviously I was ignorant and not working in HR my only experience of HR was when I needed them.

Do you agree that the role of HR should be responsible for so much of the demands that these articles are suggesting and if so do you think that HR should be one of the biggest in an organisation.

From some of the things I have read you need a psychology degree, counselling skills and many more.

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